Our Story

Clean water is life's most basic need and should be cheap to access, if not free. Aqua Clean was formed on the belief that ending poverty in Kenya starts with access to clean water, because dirty water is the genesis of all societal problems.

Aqua Clean was born from personal experience of water-borne disease. After making and using our own filter, we realised that we had the capacity to help the community at large to purify their drinking water. Now Aqua Clean is a social enterprise that works to create awareness about the use of safe water and to distribute filters at low cost to those who need them. We hope to make an impact on the ease of access to clean water for all Kenyans.

What We Do

Our mission is to enhance the quality of drinking water to under-served communities through affordable and readily available water technologies.

Our vision is to transform lives through innovative and community driven solutions to local problems related to water.

Aqua Clean Initiative is a registered charity organization. We believe that lack of access to clean water is the major cause of many diseases and that using safe water will go a long way toward ensuring that communities live healthy lives.

Our major objective is to optimize communities’ resources in improving the quality of water for domestic use and to create awareness about the use of treated water. Aqua Clean Initiative has already implemented its project in Chuka, to a target group of 300 households.

Currently we distribute low cost, low tech filters to low income households all over Kenya. The filters are made of silicon, aragon cartilage and silver. The filters are able to remove:
1. Heavy metals such as iron, zinc, magnesium and lead
2. Chlorine and organic compounds
3. Bacteria and viruses. These filters are especially effective for household use as they cost only €5 each and the family will not have to worry about dirty water for 1 year!

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Donations via our bank AQUA CLEAN INITIATIVE > DIAMOND TRUST BANK > Thika road mall branch > Account no: 5081694001

Partnerships from NGOs in Kenya or East Africa

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